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See what our real life furry friends are getting up to near you. Check out the community pages to follow us on Twitter @spikez_novel or like our Facebook page. Video mash-ups will continue to appear, as will videos of hedgehogs being rehabilitated back into the wild.

Key Dates:

July 22nd 2010 - Website went live with 6 initial design pages (archive to follow) November 8th 2010 - 1st Draft completed - prepare to launch!! then in May 2012 - Spikez Beta released October 2012 - Spikez Alpha approved! Now available in all good book shops.

NEWS FROM USA: GROUNDHOG DAY Spikez viral took 8000 views in 2011, in 2012 we took 66,000. Looking to smash it in 2013!

More crazy virals and marketing to look out for later this year. . .


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Spikez: Beta Version - printed 18th May 2011 - currently being tested . . .Spikez Alpha completed - Out October 2012!

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