Welcome to the Spikez praise page. Up until September 2012, Spikez was a work in progress. If you've arrived here by using the QR code in the book, you will have seen the word cloud that was created on Wordle

The word cloud was made from just a selection of the feedback given to us by students, librarians, wildlife lovers, professors and other organisations. The new and improved Spikez alpha is what we've released based on nearly four years of devlopment, drafting and design.

Burton Mayers books are made up of myself, Richard Mayers, and John Burton. This is our first self published novel, so if you enjoyed the book and the website, then please tell your friends and familly about us.

On this page you will find some images and quotes taken from the past few years. The beta version of Spikez was released in May 2011 and distributed across schools in London and Hertfordshire. The overwhelming positive feedback gave us confidence that this book is accessible and enjoyable to everyone who reads it, and a fun alternative to mainstream fiction involving child protagonists.

"I really loved the book, it’s a great story.  I enjoyed the characters who are unique and fun." Ben aged 11, Clare House School, London

“I really enjoyed the plot, the action sequences, the technical details, the web referrals and the emerging philosophical issues, and I pretty much empathised with Spikez/Prickles although I am not an adolescent hedgehog.”
 Dr David Dewhurst, Secretary of the Cybernetics Society

“I really enjoyed it. . . I liked the story line, the characters and how it’s put together, I liked the idea of animals that have died being brought back to life.” 
Michaela, 15, Townsend School, Herts

“It’s a wonderfully original concept and I think the hard cover gives it a ‘grown-up’ feel that can be so important for children’s literature... It reminded me very much of Animal Farm at the very beginning and I certainly see the parallels with The Animals of Farthing Wood (another childhood favourite of mine).”
Amy Lewis, Communications Officer for British Wildlife Trusts

“I like the story, it is nothing like I have read before so it is really unique.  I also like the characters and how well described it is.”
Emily, 12, Townsend School, Herts

“I like the story as it is quite original.  I enjoyed Spikez.”
 Isabella, 12, La Sainte Union School, London

“I really liked the plot of the story because it drew you in… it also had really good characters.”
Ruby, 11, William Patten Primary, London

 "I very much enjoyed the book, I thought that the story was very carefully thought out and that the characters were engaging. I was also pleased with the accompanying website which adds a lot to the book."

Colin Johnson, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, Kent University

“A great book all round!”
James, 12, St Columba’s Prep School, Herts

“I loved it. The creatures and their personalities were brill. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”
 Jackie Burke, Leighton Buzzard Hedgehog Rehabilitation

"I really loved the storyline as there’s so much to it.  The story has lots of action around the cyborgs and animal community.  I could imagine the characters too.  The funny names made me laugh.   Everything about Spikez, including the book layout and cover, made me want to pick it up and start reading it.  I’m going to buy the sequel when it comes out."  
Thomas, 10, Highfield  School, London

"I love the ideas, they are great! All the characters are brilliant. Basically everything (I like)." Eliot, 12, Verulam School for Boys

"I thought that presentation was the best I have ever heard and I'm not joking. Thank you very much, it was great. Thank you for coming to our school." Grace, Year 6, Maple Grove School, Hemel Hempstead

"Your book is really cool and I really, really want one because the front cover is so cool and so are you Mr Mayers."

Hollie, Year 6, Maple Grove School, Hemel Hempstead


Hugh Warwick

"I believe that the best way to get people hooked on the natural world is to tell them great stories - and this is such a story."

Hugh Warwick, ecologist and author, A Prickly Affair (Penguin)

The sketches of Spikez as a character have greatly enthused and inspired my class, including those less able and reluctant writers, to create their own characters and story ideas.

Sonia Fenner, Yr 5/6 teacher & Literacy subject leader, Tewin Cowper School

Hedgehog kiss

"Spikez is an accessible, stimulating read that introduces children with new concepts in technology and encourages them to develop an interest in the surrounding nature. I wish it had also been around when I was younger!"

Dr. Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie, Researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London and Committee Member in the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour (SSAISB)

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